3D Printing

With both FDM & SLA 3D Printers of various brands present in-house. This printers are designed to be one of the simplest, most dependable, and easy to use, Techtonic Solutions offers the best quality FDM & SLA 3D Printing service with least turn around time and some of the best resin based solutions to customers across various industries. We also offer various post-processing services too.


  • Functional testing prototypes
  • Patterns for investment casting
  • Dental/ jewelry/ art and other sectors which require high detailing and finish
  • Visual prototypes for photo shoots and market testing
  • Patterns for Sand casting & molds with lesser detailing
  • Low-volume production of complex end-use parts
  • Prototypes directly constructed in production materials like ABS, Nylon
  • Master copies for vacuum casting and other low volume prototyping techniques
  • Prototypes for form, fit and function testing

Email us at: techtonicsolns@gmail.com