We have one goal – to create content that works. And today, that can mean a whole lot of things in addition to simply meeting business objectives.

Our seamless integration with media ensures that we not only make the best content possible but that it’s backed by laser focus targeting, instant analytics and absolutely, positively no ad waste.

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IOT – Smart Home Solutions

Say hello to the home of tomorrow, where security, convenience and comfort brought by the world’s latest technologies come together to wow you right in the midst of your home sweet home.

Smart Plug

The heavy-duty plug can be used for connecting heavy duty home appliances to the smart home network. It contains power measurement circuit for dynamic power measurement, inbuilt surge protector and ceramic housing for electrical protection. It can safely operate 6A and 16A rated appliances.

Smart Remote

Red is a universal portable remote which can act as a substitute for all IR remote controlled appliances. It is fitted with four IR blasters which can cover 360 degree radius. Red can be connected to any USB power outlet (mobile chargers) and can be operated easily via Wi-Fi. It can be placed anywhere in the room to control appliances.

Smart Switch

The Switch comes in 3 variations – 3 switch, 4 switch, 5 switch. Every switch contains a fan dimmer control along with normal switch controls. It is packed with an attached sensor strip. This switch allows you to control all common home appliances via the Smart Home app. It also contains a power measurement circuit for displaying live power consumption data of connected appliances in real time.

Our Creative Approach

We build brands for the now. But, what does that mean strategically? We start by analyzing attention. In order to give runway for creative work that is relevant and impactful, we need to understand how and where particular people consume content.

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We’re a full-service global agency, built for the now. Day in, day out, we propel some of the biggest brands in the world to the intersection of attention and culture. And we bring heart to that hustle, because empathy is our moto.

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From identifying the appropriate selling platform to ensuring backend logistics are structured to support the business, we will create a direct to consumer site that’s optimized for conversion and primed to collect valuable data.

Expert Team

We execute fluidly, testing and learning to understand what works, with whom, in the context of each platform.

Perfect Design

Brands today come with no shortage of guardrails. And that’s perfectly fine by us. We believe the smaller the box, the bigger the idea.

Superior Ideas

Deep exploration of a brand’s existing digital ecosystem including tech stack, operational readiness and revenue sources, design optimization, and customers.